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Tube Bits For 04/02/2009

  • In case you haven’t been following this saga, their is a ‘power struggle’ of sorts going on between Hulu (well, not Hulu per se but the content creators behind Hulu) and the streaming services like Boxee, which allow you to take Hulu content and stream it to your TV. The latest shot in this war has Hulu encrypting the HTML pages at the source while your browser downloads javascript to decode it. The net effect currently is to allow video watching in your browser while services like Boxee are locked out. The problem for Hulu (the content guys, not the operations peeps) is that the fix is very simple (see the article) and will happen. If I may, I’m going to get up on my soapbox. Ahem:

    Attention all media creators. Trying to inhibit your customers from consuming your products in the manner of their choosing is doomed to failure. By trying to force consumers into adhering to your out-dated business model you are engaging in an arms race you can not win. It’s you (MPAA, RIAA, etc) vs. legions of very smart, very technical people who have nothing but time to thwart your every attempt to control how content is used. Stop now and work with your customers. Give them what they want, how they want it. Anything else is will result in your failure and making criminals out of people who otherwise wouldn’t be. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Bits…

  • Morgan Freeman, instead of working on the Rendezvous with Rama adaptation, is teaming up with the Science Channel to narrate a series entitled Through the Wormhole which will be about space exploration. The list of topics includes the possibility of alien life, expeditions to Mars and other cool stuff. Since it’s on Science Channel, no one will see it…
  • Just in case you don’t own enough classic Trek, the original series will make its debut on Blu-ray on April 28th. I’m not sure if this is the remastered version or not. If not, what’s the point? Other than to separate you from your money that is.
  • A little show called Heroes has been on the ropes recently. Fans have been leaving steadily and NBC is trying to re-kindle the love by re-hiring Brian Fuller to work on the show again. Sci Fi Wire interviews Brian who explains why Heroes sucks, and why it won’t for long.
  • All you Laurell Hamilton fans can rejoice. The Independent Film Channel and Lionsgate are teaming up to bring Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series to TV. Apparently IFC believes the core audience for the books is men, ages 18-34. Now I haven’t read the books so I can’t say if that’s true, but I suspect it isn’t. I’m sure some of our readers have read them. What say you?
  • Fringe returns next week after a ridiculously long break, and, according to the co-creators, we’ll finally get some answers. It’s good to see that they learned a bit from LOST‘s slow pacing in season 2 and early season 3. Hopefully the answers will be good ones.
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2 Comments on Tube Bits For 04/02/2009

  1. The Star Trek TOS Blu-Ray release will be the remastered episodes, but will allow the user to select between the original special effect shots or the new CGI effects.

  2. SF Fangirl // April 4, 2009 at 1:13 pm //

    Anita Blake … I imagaine the audiance for the current Anita Blake books are middle-aged women unaware you can get better soft-sore porn on the internet for free.  OTOH visual porn draws a much larger male audiance so the TV series may really draw in the teenage – 34 year old males.

    The novels started of as interesting suprernatural mysteries with Anita Blake a virgin.  Somewhere around book five she breaks up with her werewolf alpha male bf and sleeps with a vampire.  Then she sleeps with her werewolf ex-bf.  Then she pretty much sleeps with any male supernatural character she encouters.  The mystery part of the plots are lost in favor of mediocre soft core porn.  I quit reading around book 6 or so, but I check the reviews on for the new book every so often and it seems like it’s still, all sex, all the time with little plot or mystery.  And still some people give the books 5 stars; I’m baffled.

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