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Tube Bits For 04/13/2009

  • Whoo boy LOST has been kicking over hornet’s nests the past couple of weeks as we got to see Ole Smokey’s hidey hole, among other interesting things. As you might expect, there’s been quite a bit of discussion around what we’ve seen (Spoiler warning – If you haven’t seen the recent episodes, do not read any of these links):
    • Popular Mechanics turns to ancient Egyptian legends to explain the smoke monster. Certainly the hieroglyphs strongly imply an Egyptian connection, I just don’t think it’s what most people think it is.
    • Marc Oromaner looks at death in detail, with respect to last week’s episode “Dead Is Dead”. Lots of interesting ideas here, especially for LOST fanatics.
    • The Ledger takes the Ash Wednesday episode of LOST and uses it to explore the themes of spirituality and death and resurrection on the show and how they could be compatible with Christian teachings (in a general sense, not that Jesus is on LOST).
    • Rolling Stone interviews Lindeloff and Cuse about LOST. Once again, they re-iterate they know what the end is going to be, they’ve always known, and many of the fan questions will be answered, though there will be some ‘greater’ mysteries unanswered. I’m just looking for a kick ass ending.
  • Recently we mentioned that Leonard Nimoy will be guest starring on Fringe. Now we learn that his character will be somewhat ‘sinister’, as he will be playing the founder of Massive Dynamics, which seems to have a hand in a lot of the science gone awry on the show. Let’s hope this character can compete with Walter Koenig’s awesome Bester from Babylon 5.
  • Here’s something rather interesting: Astronaut Garret Reisman, after returning to Earth from the ISS, visited the set Battlestar Galactica during the filming of the final episode. The cool part is he actually put on the Colonial Marine uniform and went in front of the camera, although it looks like his part didn’t make the final cut. He also talks a little about the differences between Galactica and reality of life aboard the ISS. Good stuff.
  • Last week was the season, if not series, finale of Sarah Connor. IO9 posted this nice, detailed post about everything you need to know before the end of Sarah Connor. Now, I quit watching the show awhile ago so this was a nice recap, but what got me was this statement by Charlie Jane Anders, “You’ve heard Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has approached Battlestar Galactica levels of awesomeness…” I’ve seen some rumblings in the blogsphere that TSCC had become pretty good again, but nothing comparing it to BG. So my questions are: Which season of BG? Awesome season 1 or not so awesome seasons 2 – 4? Is TSCC really worth the effort to go back and watch what I missed? SF is kind of light on TV right now so I could use something to watch (aside from Dennou Coil). Weigh in with your thoughts please!
  • For those Pushing Daisies fans still out there, the un-aired episodes will actually air on ABC in May. Now you can find out what happens and end on a cliffhanger!
  • I know this isn’t really SF or TV related, but it is really cool. Martin Lihs has taken the Wii Remote to new levels with his Wii Spray application, which is part of his dissertation. This thing just looks plain cool to play with. I can only imagine what a bunch of 8 year olds would do if they had this to play with. Cool stuff!
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  1. SCC turned a corner when it came back and got really, really good. I don’t know if I would compare it to BSG–it’s not so heavy on the drama (ok, maybe sometimes). But the last handful of episodes really had me waiting in anticipation. Highly recommend getting caught up. They left it with a level of awesomeness I dare say I did not expect, and have succeeded in breaking new ground on the overall story.

  2. I noticed a “Capital One” credit card commercial today that seemed a “Lost” homage.

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