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Tube Bits For 04/15/2009

  • Anthony Pascale of Trek Movie was recently able to see the new Trek movie that you may have heard of. He does a great job deconstructing the movie in his, mostly non-spoilery, review, even covering the production design and musical score. The movie has now become ‘promising’ on my rate-ometer.
  • Gizmodo recently ran a Photoshopping contest whereby they asked their minions to ‘pre-emptively ruin the new Star Trek movie.’ You can see the results on their blog and be thankful we’ll never, ever see the horrible facial hair from the ‘winning’ entry!
  • Many people’s first experience with Trek came via The Next Generation, which had some seriously awesome episodes (“Yesterday’s Enterprise”, “Best of Both Worlds, Pt.1”). However, Topless Robot shows us the 8 most shamefully stupid Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. And oh yeah, they are bad. Stupid you might say.
  • While The Sarah Connor Chronicles may have turned a corner and become good again, almost no one seems to have noticed. As a result, Fox has exercised it’s ‘cancel hammer’ on yet another SF series, axing TSSC for good. I’d suggest catching up with it on Hulu before it goes to DVD.
  • But what of TSCC’s place in Terminator mythology? Sci Fi Wire explains why the series finale my leave the show as only a footnote in Terminator history. I’d have to assume some massive spoilage if you haven’t watched the show.
  • For a show that has lost a lot of its fanbase, and hacked off those who left, you may wonder why NBC has renewed Heroes for a fourth season. You may be surprised that, despite the low ratings, the young, male demographic that does watch help the show generate $4.3 million per episode. Proving, once again, that young and stupid is no way to go through life (I kid!)
  • LOST hasn’t been adverse to killing off characters in the past, sometimes even major ones. And while the rumor mill seems to be quiet on this point for the current season, that hasn’t stopped some gambling sites from posting odds for character deaths: Juliet comes in first at +150, which, apparently, makes her almost even odds to be the one. People will be on anything, sheesh.
  • And now for a little ‘lite’ video detailing the cast of Battlestar Galactica‘s excellent adventure to the United Nations. Yes, the UN.
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