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50 Free Fantastic Fictions For Friday

More free speculative fiction goodness (mostly) from the amazing resource Free Speculative Fiction Online. Lots of great authors here. Some of them are making repeat appearances here, but so what? Read ’em again!

  1. Kage Baker: “Speed, Speed the Cable” (PDF) (Extraordinary Engines Anthology, 2008)
  2. Terry Bisson: “TVA Baby” (, April 2009)
  3. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff: “Home is Where” (1991) (@Book View Cafe).
  4. Marion Zimmer Bradley: “Year of the Big Thaw” (Fantastic Universe, May 1954)
  5. Mike Brotherton: Star Dragon (Tor, October 2003)
  6. Philip K. Dick: “Beyond the Door” (Fantastic Universe, January 1954)
  7. Philip K. Dick: “The Crystal Crypt” (Planet Stories, January 1954)
  8. Philip K. Dick: “The Defenders” (Galaxy, January 1953)
  9. T.D. Edge: “System, Magic, Spirit” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)
  10. Sarah L. Edwards: “The Tinyman and Caroline” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)
  11. Clayton Emery: “Forged in Fire” (Realms of the Deep Anthology, 2000)
  12. Clayton Emery: “Night School” (The Halls of Stormweather Anthology, 2007)
  13. Clayton Emery: “Robin Hood’s Treasure” (The Fantastic Adventures of Robin Hood Anthology, 1991)
  14. J.U. Giesy: “Palos of the Dog Star Pack“(1918) (@Manybooks)
  15. Harry Harrison: “Deathworld” (Analog [a.k.a. Astounding], January 1960)
  16. Nancy Kress: “Clad in Gossamer” (Audio) (Silver Birch, Blood Moon Anthology, 1999)
  17. Nancy Kress: “Ej-Es” (Audio) (Stars Anthology, 2003)
  18. Nancy Kress: “End Game” (Audio) (Asimov’s, April 2007)
  19. Nancy Kress: “Explanations, Inc.” (F & SF, July 1984)
  20. Nancy Kress: “Margin of Error” (Audio) (Omni, October 1994)

  1. Nancy Kress: “Nano Comes to Clifford Falls” (Asimov’s, July 2006)
  2. Nancy Kress: “People Like Us” (Asimov’s, September 1989)
  3. Murray Leinster: “Evidence” (All-Story Weekly, July 1919)
  4. Murray Leinster: “The Wailing Asteroid” (Avon, 1960)
  5. Ken Liu: “Single-Bit Error” (Thoughcrime Experiments Anthology, 2009)
  6. Paul J. McAuley: “Crimes and Glory” (Subterranean, Spring 2009)
  7. Jack McDevitt: “Ships in the Night” (Amazing, October 1993)
  8. Nancy Jane Moore: “The Dog at the End of the World” (@Book View Cafe)
  9. William F. Nolan: “Of Time and Texas” (1956) (@Manybooks)
  10. Walter J. Sheldon: “Two Plus Two Makes Crazy“(1954) (@Manybooks)
  11. Robert Silverberg: “Aliens from Space” (as by David Osborne, Avalon, 1958)
  12. George H. Smith: “Benefactor” (1958) (@Manybooks)
  13. Charles R. Tanner: “Angus MacAuliffe and the Gowden Tooch” (Other Worlds, March 1951)
  14. Charles R. Tanner: “Cham of the Hills” (Super Science Stories, August 1942)
  15. Charles R. Tanner: “Flight of the Mercury” (Wonder Stories, July 1930)
  16. Charles R. Tanner: “Johnny Goodturn” (Other Worlds, November 1950)
  17. Charles R. Tanner: “Mr. Garfinkel and the Lepra-Cohen” (Other Worlds, September 1950)
  18. Charles R. Tanner: “Mutiny in the Void” (Planet STories, Fall 1943)
  19. Charles R. Tanner: “Out of the Jar” (Stirring Science Stories, February 1941)
  20. Charles R. Tanner: “The Color of Space” [vt “Space Roulette”] (Science Wonder Stories, March 1930)
  21. Charles R. Tanner: “The Improbable” (Cosmic SF, May 1941)
  22. Charles R. Tanner: “The Luck of Enoch Higgins” (Fantastic Adventures, August 1942)
  23. Charles R. Tanner: “The Revolt of the Machine Men” (Super Science Stories, November 1942)
  24. Charles R. Tanner: “The Stillwell Degravitator” (Amazing, February 1941)
  25. Charles R. Tanner: “The Vanishing Diamonds” (Amazing, June 1938)
  26. Charles R. Tanner: “Tumithak and the Ancient Word
  27. Charles R. Tanner: “Tumithak and the Towers of Fire” (Super Science Stories, November 1941)
  28. Charles R. Tanner: “Tumithak in Shawm” (Amazing, June 1933)
  29. Charles R. Tanner: “Tumithak of the Corridors” (Amazing, January 1932)
  30. Greg van Eekhout: “Last Son of Tomorrow” (, May 2009)
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