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Book Cover Smackdown! Objects of Worship vs. Tender Morsels vs. Never Slow Dance With a Zombie

More cool covers that must be seen…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Tell us which cover you like best and why. Go!

Books shown here:

NOTE: Click on the book images or title links to access bigger & better versions of the cover art…

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12 Comments on Book Cover Smackdown! Objects of Worship vs. Tender Morsels vs. Never Slow Dance With a Zombie

  1. I would glance at each one of these covers and pick none of them up.

    Maybe Margo Lanagan but only because of the name which I have heard in passing.

    The Covers? Meh.

  2. Honestly, the art for all of them is great, but NEVER SLOW DANCE WITH A ZOMBIE is the only one that has a cover I feel matches with the title in a way that gives me an idea of what the book is about.

    I’d read the blurbs for all of them, though.

  3. For some reason, the cover or Tendor Morsels looks like a zombie version of the painting Girl with a Pearl earing. I don’t like zombie books, so I wouldn’t even pick this one up to read the blurb. However, in spite of my anti-zombie leanings, I would read the blurb for Never Slow Dance with a Zombie because the title and image are funny. Objects of Worship looks like a creepy religious text, and if I saw it in the SF/F section at the bookstore I would wonder if it got mis-shelved.

  4. I pick Never Slow Dance with a Zombie only because the other two are frankly horrifying, so bad.

  5. That’s right, a really ugly version of The Girl with the Pearl Earring without the earring plus two more really ugly covers.

  6. Er, none of them? They all have an element of the grotesque that really doesn’t appeal to me. And all the characters are so grimly portrayed, with not even a hint of redemption anywhere else on the cover. Pass!

  7. I have to agree.  None of them.  Each one looks like it would destroy my soul.   In a bad way.

  8. weyland yutani // May 11, 2009 at 11:19 pm //

    The last few of these art showdowns have made this round look like a consolation tourney. 

    It looks like zombie humor is officially a new sub-genre.

  9. I like the Tender Morsels cover. It has that Vermeer “Girl with a pearl earing” pose with an edge. It is also really beautifully rendered, IMHO.

  10. Christos // May 14, 2009 at 12:17 pm //

    I like Objects of Worship because there’s so much going on that it invites a second look.


  11. I like Never Slow Dance with a Zombie. The other two don’t really give me the zombie feeling.

  12. I like the Objects of Worship cover.  Its oddness makes me want to take a closer look.  There’s a dissonance between the airy background/colors and the visual signals of horror – that spider!

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