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Free Fiction and Stuff for 05/19/09

Free Fiction and Stuff [courtesy of QuasarDragon]

  • @Jim Baen’s Universe: “Shoresteading” by David Brin in two parts (Part One and Part Two).
  • @Book View Cafe: “Wood Song” by Katie Daniel.
  • The Infinite when it was Two Digits Old and Counting up to Infinity, both by Allen I. Fleishman.
  • @Strange Horizons: “Baby in the Basket” by Cecil Castellucci.
  • @Fantasy Magazine: “Oh He Is” by Karen Heuler.
  • @Kat and Mouse: Part Twenty of “Easy Money” by Abner Senires.
  • @alternative coordinates: “Bedbugs” by Edward McKeown.
  • @Drums of Nyumbani: Parts One through Three of “Luendi” by Charles R. Saunders (1977). [via Free SF Reader]
  • The latest free online issue of ChiZine is up with fiction by Richard Thomas, Debi Carroll, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Sunil Sadanand, and Jesse Bullington
  • @Manybooks:
  • @Atomjack:
  • Audio Fiction @LibriVox:
    • Short Science Fiction Collection Vol. 016 with fiction by Roger Kuykendall, Philip K. Dick, G. C. Edmondson, Frank Belknap Long, Charles L Fontenay, Desmond Winter Hall, Albert Hemhuter, Forrest James Ackerman, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Read by many readers.
  • Graphic Fiction:
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