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Free Fiction and Stuff for 5/23/09

  • The latest issue of Arkham Tales, featuring “a cover by George Cotronis, and containing fiction by Nicholas Ozment, J.C. Koch, Rob Brooks, Nandi Ekles, Eric W. Jepson, Maura McHugh, J.J. Beazley and Edward Morris,” is available for free download. [Via Futurismic]
  • @Wizards of the Coast: “Seven They Were” by James P. Davis.
  • @Manybooks: “Compatible” by Richard R. Smith (1958).
  • @Everyday Weirdness: “Purgatory is for Pencils” by Matthew Sanborn Smith.
  • Audio Fiction:
    • @Pseudopod: “The Looking Men” by James R. Kristofic, read by BJ Harrison.
    • @Maria Lectrix: Part One and Part Two of “Spawn of the Stars” by Charles Willard Diffin, from Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Feb. 1930, read by Maureen O’Brien.
    • LibriVox, Short Science Fiction Collection Vol. 017 with stories by Gordon Randall Garrett, Algis Budrys, Jack Egan, Philip K. Dick, Edgar Pangborn, H.G. Wells, Robert Silverberg, Harry Harrison, Gerald Vance, and E. E. Doc Smith, read by many readers.
    • @Dunesteef: “In Absence Of Mind Wiping Thingies” by Derek J. Goodman.
  • Graphic Fiction:

[Courtesy of QuasarDragon, one of the best collectors of fun free stuff for genre fans.]

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  1. OldMiser // May 23, 2009 at 2:05 am //

    The date in the heading should be 5/23/09.

  2. Fixed.  Thanks, OM. 

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