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Harlan Ellison is Not a Science Fiction Writer

Late-breaking news! Harlan Ellison is not a science fiction writer!

So says the man himself in this audio interview with @Studio 360. Ellison (Dreams with Sharp Teeth) says he has “never written science fiction” but has “occasionally used some of the furniture from that genre”.

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16 Comments on Harlan Ellison is Not a Science Fiction Writer

  1. a) He’s always pretty much alwasy claimed this.

    b) He’s right about some of his work, wrong about the rest.

  2. Oops, proofreading…

  3. Yeah, he even walked out of a TV-interview once because the announcer called him science fiction writer.

  4. Now he tells us!

    Oh, Harlan, protest all you want but we’re claiming you anyway.  Maybe not every story is science fiction, but you write science fiction.  You’re a science fiction writer.  Sorry.

  5. that’s old news. he’s always considered his own as “speculative fiction.”

    but here we go once again with the labels!

  6. The Baron // May 30, 2009 at 10:22 am //

    He didn’t really write a story about killer robots time travelling from the future to change the past.

  7. Its actually an interview from last year…


  8. Time to hand back all those Hugo and Nebula awards then.


  9. Here is an old interview were he says the same thing:

  10. In fairness, Ellison has always quibbled about the terms. But Lord, I am so tired of this.

  11. Is a wanker, though, apparently. 🙂

  12. Harris Yulin's Goatee // May 30, 2009 at 11:11 pm //

    see also: Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, Kazuo Ishiguro,.

  13. Where did you get a picture of Harlan as a zombie?

  14. For some reason when Harlan Ellison denies being a science fiction writer it doesn’t annoy me as much as when other people does it. I mean, he is Harlan ****ing Ellison.

  15. As a writer, science fiction or otherwise, I don’t give a hoot what I’m called as long as I’m called for the interviews! But then, I haven’t sold as many copies of books as Harlan Ellison has over the years. Check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This novel is a romantic action adventure in space and is more about the characters than the technology.

  16. Is Harlan Ellison relevant?

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