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How Will You Get Your SciFi Fix Over The Summer?

‘Tis the long dark summer of our science fiction discontent…

It’s been almost two weeks since the best show, SF or otherwise, on TV ended its season (LOST) and many more SF shows before it also ended, either for the season (Fringe and Dollhouse) or for good (Sarah Connor and Galactica). With the ending of LOST, the science fiction on TV has a long period of nothingness, or endless CSI re-runs which is basically the same thing, to look forward to over the summer. There is literally nothing promising on the network TV front until next fall. The only glimmer in the darkness is on the Sci Fi Channel (soon to by Sy Fy) as Eureka returns in July along with new series Warehouse 13 and possibly The Listener on NBC, though I’m not hot to watch that one.

Since I like Eureka I’ll definitely tune in for that and I’ll take a look-see at Warehouse 13 because there’s nothing else to watch. And even when the new season starts up again in the fall, there’s really not a lot of good SF returning then. Fringe is almost a must-see and I may catch up with Dollhouse over the summer. It’s not until next year that LOST returns and Flash Forward and Stargate Universe premiere.

Our question to you is: What will you be doing over the summer to quench your SF TV thirst?

There’s a lot of options for online viewing from catching up on older shows or watching some new web series. I’ll probably do some of both. I also have an enormous backlog of SF anime just screaming at me to watch. Some on Crunchyroll and some not. Netflix and other sources will also help out. Hopefully we’ll all be able to weather this SF interregnum without losing our sanity.

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10 Comments on How Will You Get Your SciFi Fix Over The Summer?

  1. I’ve got a pile of unwatched DVD’s, so I hopefully will get through some of them. But mainly, I’ll get my SF TV fix by…reading.

    Yes, reading. Still haven’t found anything that beats the Theatre of the Mind.

  2. Ummmm try reading. A book. yuk yuk

  3. Marydot // May 26, 2009 at 1:40 pm //

    I come to the site everyday, but the new google ad covering the right hand side of your column why should I come back?  I can’t read what you have to say.  I understand the need to monetize your site; the expense can be sizable for an excellent site like you have created.  I would really like to read it everyday, but with the ad in the way —-  you get the idea.

  4. I can never get through everything I have saved on my TIVO so I’ll be playing catch-up. I might give the Listener a watch– but I’m kind of “meh” about it.

  5. True Blood.

  6. Three new episodes of Pushing Daisies are scheduled to air on May 30, June 6, and June 13.

    Otherwise, when I was your age, television was called “Books.”

  7. I am going to get through “Firefly” and then “Serenity.” I’ve watched only the first two episodes and loved them both.

    I also love to watch old SF movies so I’ve got a few of them on my docket.

    I’m planning on listening to the Star Wars radio drama as well.

    Other than that, I’m reading some SF I should have already read and writing about it on my SF blog.

  8. by reading – not by tv

  9. Here in Singapore, we’re still working our way through the first run of BSG (Season 3’s episode 14 just aired last night).  So that should suffice for what one might call “summer” here.

  10. Well, I saw Star Trek and Terminator and now I’m really looking forward to District 9 and The Surrogates.  Aside from that, reading, of course.

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