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Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern – Not!

Best. Mashup. Ever.

A very talented fan has put together this dream trailer for a Green Lantern film that doesn’t exist. But, oh, how cool it would be if it did.

Bonus Game: Can you name the films seen in this trailer?

[via Nerdist via Matthew Sanborn Smith]

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7 Comments on Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern – Not!

  1. That’s just… awesome.

  2. Honest to god, we need new talent in Hollywood. The quality in that clip was great and what are the chances the person who made it will ever get the chance to make the real thing.


  3. That was excellent – it’s sad, though, that this really talented person isn’t using his energies for good by creating his own character!

    However, I understand the draw to GL – the character is a perfect fit for film – to those the understand the heart and weakness of the character – like Nolan and his team with Batman.

  4. My god almighty.  I’ve never been a GL fan, but holy hell if this were a real trailer I would see that.  I would WANT to see that movie so bad I would nearly explode.  That is astonishingly good.  I mean, if you didn’t know any better you might think it were real!

    Planet of the Apes
    Firefly (lots of Firefly)
    That Hugh Jackman movie that I can’t remember the name of (the weird one where there are multiple lives and he’s trying to save his wife and what not)
    Superman (Returns, actually)
    Iron Man
    Star Trek
    Fantastic Four
    Chronicles of Riddick
    The Matrix Revolutions

    There were some that I couldn’t make out or didn’t know.  So awesome.

  5. That was super cool!

  6. If I’m not mistaken — and I usually am — at 1:51 is the space sequence of Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories, which I just saw last week (and was actually pretty good, I might add).

  7. I’ve seen this a couple other places, too and I really love it. I WISH it was a real movie! Does anyone know what movie that last scene with the Captain Tightpants line is from? I don’t recognize it.

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