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New Publisher Launch: Atomic Fez

Ian Alexander Martin announces the launch Atomic Fez Publishing, a “Small Press House with Large Press notions of inclusivity”:

The principle driving force behind certain titles being selected is simple: Books Are Fun Again! Too often things about books are made Quite Important and Very Serious Indeed, casting aside anything which might be seen as ‘enjoyable’. There are some very important and worthwhile things about books and their roles in our lives, certainly; and one of the most important is that of the ‘fun’ and ‘entertainment’ they provide. Certainly, dark and serious stories aren’t thought of in the same fashion as light and comedic ones, but both sort can easily be seen as ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’ at the same time. One can be said to have fun reading something that scares us, just as one can enjoy reading something which makes us laugh aloud. What makes these various forms of stories similar is that they both contain content which is neither dull nor contain plot-lines within the well-trodden bounds of other writers.

Atomic Fez does not select titles due to them being rejected by other publishers, nor solely due to those works being difficult to market; rather, the catalogue contains titles which were selected despite these facts being true. This is, after all, a business, and there’s no need to make this effort more difficult to break even at than it already is.

Atomic Fez will also be publishing making available all titles in the eBook format.

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