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New SF/F/H Blog: Missions Unknown

There’s a new blog in town: Missions Unknown!

More specifically, the town is San Antonio. Missions Unknown aims to celebrate the local genre scene as seen through the eyes of San Antonio notables Sanford Allen, John Picacio and Paul Vaughn.

From their press release:

Horror writer Sanford Allen, World Fantasy Award-winning & Hugo-nominated artist John Picacio, and tech guru Paul “The Mac Guy” Vaughn have banded together and formed MISSIONS UNKNOWN! — a blog celebrating science fiction, fantasy, and horror in San Antonio. The blog’s main mission is to celebrate SA-based creators and fans of sf/f/h and everything related to the literature and art of sf/f/h. That includes books, authors, artists, comics, prose, and the making and enjoyment of all of them. The blog launched Sunday, May 24, 2009.

Welcome to the party, guys! I’ve already subscribed to your RSS feed

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