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Redesigned Planet Stories Book Line Emulates Juicy Retro Pulps

Christopher Paul Carey writes in to let us know about Paizo Publishing’s completely redesigned Planet Stories book line, which hearkens back to the old pulps. These covers look great and totally fit in with the content.

Titles featured in the above can’t-do-it-justice-in-a-resized-image include:

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, only the first two are finalized covers. The others used stock art with their final versions coming soon.

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5 Comments on Redesigned Planet Stories Book Line Emulates Juicy Retro Pulps

  1. I especially love the WHO FEARS THE DEVIL? cover, but they’re all spirited and inspiring.

  2. Thanks for the post, John. Planet Stories publisher Erik Mona has just posted an overview of the design changes here. Note: Of those pictured above with the new design layout, only Robots Have No Tails and The Ship of Ishtar feature the finalized cover art; the Piers Anthony and Wellman covers are mock-ups using stock art; the final covers of those will look much nicer.

  3. Thanks for the update, Christopher.  I’ve added a note above.

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