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Sunday Cinema: The Outer Limits – ‘I, Robot’

Here’s an excellent episode of The Outer Limits from 1995″ “I, Robot”.

The story is based on Earl and Otto (“Eando”) Binder’s excellent story “I, Robot” which forms the first part of their classic book, Adam Link, Robot. (Isaac Asimov’s famous colection, also titled I, Robot, was originally titled Mind and Iron by the author, but was renamed by the publisher against Asimov’ objections to its similarity to the Binder story.)

Bonus: This episode features Leonard Nimoy.

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2 Comments on Sunday Cinema: The Outer Limits – ‘I, Robot’

  1. This one doesn’t work in Canada either! GRRR!

  2. Bummer…but fear not!

    Try these:

    The same episode at

    The original 1964 Outer Limits adaptation can be found on YouTube in multiple parts. Even better: it includes a younger Leonard Nimoy! (Holy time travel, batman!)

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