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Tube Bits For 05/12/2009

  • With the recent content deal with Disney, Hulu now has the majority of U.S. networks on board its TV and video streaming site. But, with the recent deal, will Hulu run afoul of U.S. anti-trust laws? I sure hope not. Hulu rocks hard and breaking it up seems pointless.
  • The National Post sits down with Robert J. Sawyer and discusses all things Fast Forward. I’m rather psyched about this show and ABC is considering it a successor to LOST. Let’s hope they replace one awesome SF show with another.
  • Primeval is primed to kick off season 3 on May 16th on BBC America. If you’re looking for some prehistoric thrills, check it out. If you get BBC America that is.
  • Michael Trucco (Sam Anders in Galactica) talked with Sci Fi Wire about the upcoming Galactica movie, The Plan and his character’s role in it and, possibly, in Caprica. The comments have some interesting points about continuity…
  • The near universal acclaim Star Trek has been receiving is just that, near universal.Here’s an alternate view of the movie.
  • Speaking of bad Trek, the Bad Astronomer Phil Plait takes on the science of the new Trek film for Discover Online.
  • One of the best giant mech anime series of all time in Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s been so successful that Gainax, the studio, is re-doing the series as a series of films. The first one has already been released and the second, You Can (Not) Advance, is almost ready to go. Here’s the trailer:
  • Fringe‘s Walter Bishop continues his ‘Deep in the Lab’ series with this ‘wet toothbrush’ entry:
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2 Comments on Tube Bits For 05/12/2009

  1. The Evangelion remake looks spectacular, I wish they would release it in the US too…

  2. @Kris,

    I’ve seen the first movie and it certainly does look a lot sharper then the anime. Of course, you’d expect that with a bigger budget and about a decade’s worth of advances in animation. That said, it’s still basically the same story line, only told a bit faster. I’m not sure watching the movies first is a good idea as things happen for reasons the new viewer won’t know.

    I still like it though!

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