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Tube Bits For 05/18/2009

  • Fringe, LOST, Smallville and Supernatural all had their season finales this week. None of them had what you would call terrific ratings numbers, with Fringe leading the pack.
  • Ben Shapiro has an incredible write up of LOST‘s season finale entitled “What happens next on LOST?” If you’re a fan of the show, you should go read it. There’s a lot to chew on there. And can anyone name another show that lends itself to this type of extended discussion after each episode? Yet another reason why LOST rules.
  • If you’re feeling blue that Fringe is on summer break, never fear! They’ve taken a page from LOST and have created an ARG for you to mess around with while you wait for more episodes. Let’s hope more and more interesting stuff shows up there.
  • For those of you (like our own Kevin, hi Kevin!) who had trouble getting a handle on the whole ‘many worlds’ idea of Fringe‘s reality hopping characters, you should tune into NOVA this week as they explore Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives. They’ll be exploring the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, which is always fun.
  • Warner Bros. has ponied up some serious cash to obtain the rights for ITV’s series Primeval, with the hope of adapting it for the big screen. The SFX on the show are decent enough for TV, but imagine what ILM could do nowadays for dinosaurs. I just hope they don’t turn it into Jurassic Park.
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