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Tube Bits For 05/20/2009

  • ABC appears to be the place to be for science fiction/fantasy this fall season. Their lineup includes the following genre shows: Flash Forward

    (based on the book), Eastwick (based on the movie The Witches of Eastwick), the remake of V and, of course, the last season of LOST. Looks like my DVR will be busy, sans Eastwick.

  • Gateworld is confirming, straight from Joseph Mallozzi himself, that the Stargate Atlantis movie will be called Stargate: Extinction. In a bit of industrial espionage, Mallozzi’s dogs managed to snag a copy of a photo of the script in progress and released it on their Twitter account. Yes, the dogs have their own Twitter account. Dogs, go figure.
  • You may have heard that Fox decided to renew Fringe (old news) and Dollhouse (surprise!) but not Sarah Connor (no surprise). Fringe is being moved to Thursday night while Dollhouse will stay in the outhouse on Friday nights. Apparently there is still no love for Whedon at Fox. The execs explain their reasoning to Sci Fi Wire.
  • In another bit of good news, NBC has renewed Chuck for a third season. Although the may axe one supporting actor completely and are reducing staff. And after the season finale, it should be interesting to see where Chuck himself goes from here.
  • You’d think that the director of the successful Star Trek reboot would have been in love with the show since early on. Not so! J.J. Abrams says he preferred Star Wars to Star Trek. Of course, now he’s changed his mind. I guess making boatloads of money will do that. Could you imagine Lucas letting Abrams reboot Star Wars?
  • Morena Baccarin plays the alien leader in ABC’s upcoming remake of the ’80’s classic invasion mini-series, V. Check her out in this video clip:
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  1. OMG I’m salivating over the V reboot. Thanks for the clip!

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