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Tube Bits For 05/28/2009

  • I fondly remember seeing The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai in the theaters during high school. Sure it’s part campy, silly and funny, but it’s also almost always awesome, especially John Lithgow. And how can you not like a film that has inscrutable watermelons and spawned endless ‘Bigbootay!’ jokes? Could you imagine how incredible a TV series based on the movie would be? Doug Drexler was approached to perform some development work on just such an idea and he’s posted his work for all to see. Sweet!
  • If you’ve ever wanted to see the original cast of MST3K perform live, here’s your chance. Joel, Frank and the gang are touring the country as part of their Cinematic Titanic venture, performing live! I know, very cool. Are they coming to your neck of the woods? Well, probably not, but you can check the schedule yourself. Dallas, really? Come on guys, you’re better than that!
  • Will Ferrell, you either love him or hate him. The same could be said about Bear Grylls, the ‘sleeping in a motel when he should be suffering through the night in the desert’ host of Man vs. Wild. Now, in honor of the impending release of Ferrell’s Land of the Lost, Will and Bear are starring in a very special episode of Man vs. Wild. Will and Bear will attempt to survive in the frozen reaches of northern Sweden, hopefully avoiding anything resembling an ‘after school special’.
  • TV Tyrant looks at the current state of SF on TV and declares Fox to be the winner! And in terms of quantity I have to agree. Quality, however, is more debatable. LOST gives ABC a huge lead and if Flash Forward is anywhere near as good as the book, ABC should take the crown back next year.
  • Andrew Probert has worked on several well know SF series, all during the late 70’s and through the 80’s. Here’s a video reel of sketches followed by the finished product (and I still love the original Battlestar Galactica theme):
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