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Tube Bits For 05/26/2009

  • Fringe fans everywhere can rest easy knowing that Fringe will be returning this fall. September 17th at 9pm to be exact. Maybe this season we’ll get some hot dimension on dimension action?
  • Looks like fans of the new Dr. Who are getting something special. A new Doctor Who animated series on Children’s BBC. The story will be split up into seven six-minute long episodes.
  • Can’t get enough Trek? Then you’ll want the new DVD set from Roddenberry Productions and Toolbox Productions that will bring you more than 500 hours of previously unseen footage from 20 years of Trek starting with The Next Generation and closing with Enterprise. Let’s hope it isn’t makeup video of Riker manicuring his beard or incessant outtakes of Patrick Stewart performing the ‘Picard Maneuver’.
  • Did you ever wonder how Fox made the decision to axe Sarah Connor but bring back Dollhouse? The webcomic Hinjinks Ensue has the answer!
  • Some people are taking the season end of LOST a little bit too hard. Not me, nuh-uh. Sure there’s nothing else to watch now, and there’s a black hole on Wednesday nights sucking the fun out of everything, but I’m not bitter.
  • Alien invasions must be the new ‘it’ thing in Hollywood. TNT has ordered a pilot from Stephen Speilberg and writer Robert Rodat for a series set six months after an alien invasion. V, you’re on notice! Now, and alien invasion series I’d like to see would be one based on Harry Turtledove’s World War series. Aww yeah!
  • Here’s something cool for you 360 owners: the bittorrent client Vuze just released a new version that allows live streaming of HD content to the 360 (oh, and PS3). This sounds like something worth investigating.
  • One show we’ll have to wait a long time for is the new Human Target on Fox, the network where SF goes to die, usually. The following trailer has Tricia Helfer, Emerson from Pushing Daisies and that guy from Fringe who died, got stuck in Olivia’s head then really disappeared:
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  1. Now, and alien invasion series I’d like to see would be one based on Harry Turtledove’s World War series. Aww yeah!


    You’d think with the Greatest Generation interest that a World War series would be a natural.  


    “They were America’s greatest generation, and they faced a threat even greater than Japan.  Greater than the Nazis. Their greatest fight would be against invaders from the stars, and they would fight them not in the fields of Europe, but in the American heartland itself…”





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