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What Would You Like to See From The New Star Trek?

Last week we asked if a successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise was a good thing. After another $40+ million added to Paramount’s coffers, I think it’s safe to assume that the new movie is a hit with both fans and non-fans alike, which is a good thing. We know that a sequel as already been greenlit for production, but the writing team hasn’t begun writing yet. But! Slashfilm let’s us know that, according Abrams, William Shatner and Khan!! are possibilities for the sequel. To which the only appropriate answer is “Khaaan!!!“.

For my money, which Paramount wants, I don’t want to see a rebooted WoK or even William Shatner. Abrams has a shiny new alternate reality timeline to work with, why not do something new? Something cool, unique and different. And I don’t even want to see the Borg, although it’s probable they exist in the new reality. I want something we haven’t seen from Star Trek in a long time: a sense of adventure and discovery, and not the tired old ‘particle of the week’ or overused time-travel (yes, the movie has this, sort of) episodes. Hire some science fiction writers as consultants and let the imaginations run wild. Please.

What would you like to see from the new Star Trek?

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20 Comments on What Would You Like to See From The New Star Trek?

  1. Honestly, I’d prefer that if they’re going to make a new one after this that they fire Abrams and get someone who can actually make a good movie.  The guy is overrated and crap, in my opinion, and I’d rather see someone who knows what he’s doing take the reigns.

    Then again, I hated the new Star Trek with a passion…I don’t even see how you can adequately do a Kahn/Kirk movie with so much of the continuity of Star Trek disrupted for cheap director digging tricks…

  2. At least they didn’t turn the movie into a Yoing Adult production!

  3. Liked the movie.  Thought would make a great new TV series.  I wonder about another movie because it is easier to get a terrible movie bad idea as happened in almost half of the Star Trek movies.

    Lighten up – this is a sucessful reboot which brought new fans and the people who don’t like it are the deadwood that has been holding back the franchise.

    (returning to cloak mode and getting out before the photon torpedoes start firing)

    New Star Trek - Finally

  4. Did not like the movie (for technical/plot reasons) – but agree that it accomplished what was intended – reinvigorating the “franchise” and attracting a new audience (whether those are good things is appropriate for multiple blog posts, but not here).

    If I had my druthers, the new movie would feature – an outright conflict with the Mirror,Mirror universe; rip in the space-time continuum, BAD Federation meanies decide that it’s great for their individual and multiple ambitions, and someone invents a giant, planet-sized agonizer.  Dual plot elements, two Pines, two Quintos and, once you rip up that space-time stuff, just about anything else can happen.

    Hey – at least it would justify miniskirts in space!


    have to say, I more and more have come to believe that a strong sub-plot of the original was to eradicate the myth of Shatner/Kirk and replace it with Pine/Kirk.  Too many tie-ins, focusing on KIRK, are out there for this not to have been planned from the outset. (“Text ‘KIRK'” to win something – come on…)


  5. Voidman // May 18, 2009 at 5:55 am //

    I’m up with Steve on several things 😉 not regarding the mirror universe though. What I like to see is the new Klingon affair with a twist though – something like the Federation finest caught in a rapidly escalating civil conflict. I also always wanted to see if there were some internal pressures within the Federation. Should we just accept the Federeation to be a unilateral body with all its members content and happy with the deal? Perhaps a dissident Andorian (or any other) element, or maybe some party bent on covering some dirt up.   I would like to see the Romulans back in their usual clandestine double-crossing xenophobic form (as opposed to dumb thugs) but due to all that time-travel-malarkey.  I’m not sure if Romulus still exists in the current timeline (I think it does coz the supernova incident was in the relative future but then some stuff stops making sense…). Another motifs could involve the now crippled Vulcan race. They are dependent on Federation for resources and everything else, so who might have want to exploit this – I bet they had some enemies. Possibilities are endless but my only requirement is for the new plots to make goddamned sense and not just be a random selection of retarded ideas botched together to support action sequences. Can you do it Paramount?! I dare ya.

  6. Harcourt.  Fenton.  Mudd.

  7. Matte Lozenge // May 18, 2009 at 8:37 am //

    Midi-chlorians! Kirk must be stuffed full of midi-chlorians — that’s why he has so many ridiculously improbable coincidences, close calls and last-minute saves. It wasn’t lazy writing at all, no sir, it was midi-chlorians. Next I want to see Kirk lifting the Enterprise out of a swamp with a thought. And after that he can “suggest” to Spock, “This is not the communications officer you are lusting for.”

    Keenser – I want to see lots more of Keenser. Keenser should have his own intergalactic variety show. Jar Jar Binks can be special guest star and the two celebs will become famous for their zero gee recreations of classic Rogers and Astaire tap dance routines.

    The Willy Wonka water tubes in Engineering should be extended throughout the Enterprise and all crew members should use them instead of the turbolift. This has huge opportunities for theme park water slide marketing tie-ins.

    Particle of the week trading cards. Yes, I’m a big fan of the particle of the week and trading cards would be ultrasquee. This could be bigger than Pokemon.

  8. Despite some rather glaring plot holes, I very much enjoyed the Trek reboot and have seen it twice. That said, what I’d really like to see (barring the possibility of an ongoing TV series with the current cast) is an actual, ethical/moral dilemma, which is what Trek has always been about. Moreover, I think you can get that done based on what happened in this film.


    We know that the Federation has lost a founding member in Vulcan, that Starfleet has basically lost an entire Academy class and a half-dozen ships to Nero, and that the Klingons lost an entire fleet to the rogue Romulan. Everyone in the galaxy knows that A) there’s something called Red Matter that can make black holes, which is every bit as dangerous as the Genesis Device ever hoped to be, and B) that in a little over a century, Romulus is going to get obliterated by a supernova.

    Basically, Romulus has the motive and the opportunity to finish what Nero started and take out both the Klingons and the Federation. They don’t have the luxury of waiting this out, both because someone else might develop Red Matter before they do, and because unless they have an invincible position in 129 years they’ll be at the impotent mercy of their enemies.

    You could do a great non-proliferation allegory as the Enterprise has to forestall all-out war with the Romulans and Klingons and prevent anyone or everyone from getting their hands on Red Matter, possibly by kidnapping Spock (who, one assumes, can make it if his future self figured out how) or tracking down the new, presumably hidden Vulcan survivor colony where future Spock is hanging out.

    You can some of those great Kirk/Spock/McCoy ethical debates about whether what the Romulans are doing is moral, whether now would be a good time for a preemptive strike against the weakened Klingons (and if such a thing is ethically defensible), if the Federation should compel future and/or present Spock to create Red Matter as a deterrent–all while enjoying some great space battles and chase scenes as the Enterprise stands alone between the entire Romulan Empire, a bloodied and enraged Klingon Empire, and all-out, galaxy-consuming war.

    Just my wish list, anyway.

  9. Spock’s beard!

    I second Steve’s call for the mirror universe; I’ve been hoping for a movie treatment of that parallel for a long, long time. And we know Quinto can do evil…

    Khan would be… interesting. There’s no reason why the Enterprise couldn’t find the Botany Bay a couple years early in this universe.

  10. I want to see something new as well. They need to do something different if they’re going to hold the attention of people who know the original Star Trek. Doing something using a plot for from the old show or movies would just piss more people off and probably move those who are on the fence already over to the “don’t like it” side.

    I like Jay’s ideas above – there are a lot of potential possibilities that deal with the fallout of Vulcan having been destroyed and everything else that happened in the first Star Trek.

    I’m also hoping now that they’ve done the reboot and established the characters and caught everyone’s attention they’ll tone down the references to the original. All the in-jokes and over the top references are going to get old fast if they keep it up. Also I’d love it if they would do something different with the clothing of the women officers. There’s no reason why they should be in mini-skirts and sleeveless tops, while the boys are in pants and long sleeve sweaters!  I know it’s a reference to the 60’s but for it’s a bit stupid.

    Oh and someone needs to start sending the writers some basic science text books now.

  11. I have to say that Jay’s idea would make a fantastic season 1 for a new series. That way you’d have the time to do the storyline justice and explore it in depth. Heck, you could extend that over several seasons and have a slowly escalting ‘cold war’ with the occasional hot spots.

    The would be awesome and I’d tune in for that!

  12. Jay’s ideas do sound awesome.

    I have basically two requests for the next movie: stay away from previously done plots and deal with the fallout from this movie. Even if they don’t have the effects of the destruction of Vulcan as a main plot point, it should still be addressed. If they don’t want to focus on the fallout from this movie, they could have the Enterprise out searching for new allies and the crew dealing with guilt for not being able to help more directly. That way you could get new plot and still acknowledge the previous movie. Plus we’d get some of the moral/ethical dilemas that we so desperately need in a Star Trek film.

  13. Smoking Robot // May 18, 2009 at 6:35 pm //

    Fix the bloody engineering room.   I love the movie, but that is the WORST represenatation of an engine room in Star Treks 43 year history.  

    When I saw Simon Pegg running around in all those pipes it took me right OUT of the movie.  I said to myself, ‘Look, it’s Simon Pegg in a brewery’.  

    Suspension of disbelief?  I’ve got it in spades.  But claiming a brewery is a ‘starship engine room’ is a bridge too far.

  14. The gap between the last time anyone discussed Star Trek and now has made me forget how geeky (good and bad) Trek fans can be  🙂

    I enjoyed the movie.  The reboot changed enough to give us a nice blank slate to work from in so many areas.

    Let’s face it, the franchise was long in the tooth before Enterprise even started.  I say throw out as much as you can and reinvent it from the ground up.  No Khan, please.  I loved WoK but that was then, and based on a backstory that would be ridiculous to try and force feed now.

  15. Any plot that doesn’t involve a lot of fighting or technobabble would be good. Instead, let’s focus on the interesting philosophical questions and relationships between people – that’s good stuff!

    Examples: SF-device, person being duplicated. How do the people around the person react? And how does the person react? Yes, I know it’s been done in ST (Kirk and Riker both did it. I’m just trying to give an example of the kind of stuff I’m talking about.)

  16. Michael, I’ve been thinking about the gap between Treks, too.  But I love the geekiness, even when I disagree.  At least we’re talking about Trek 🙂

    I absolutely do not want to see any Borg stories for a long long time.  Khan seems too easy.  I like Jay’s ideas.  Something political, for sure.

  17. I agree that Jay’s got the right idea.


  18. I want an episodic TV series to spawn from the movie is what I want.

    Movies are great but they never allow enough time for good character development.

    Thats why I liked the past methods of TV series then Movie releases for Star Trek since the TV series characters were so well developed that they didn’t have to spend any time on it in the movies.

    This time around its backwards and I think the movies plot lines will suffer truncation with too much “set up” without a TV series as the starting point for the proper character development.

  19. I agree with what everyone has said so far. Please no more Shatner – Leonard Nimoy was more than enough – in fact it would have been great if he wasn’t in XI! And no Borg – that’s way too TNG and the whole appeal of the new films is that it isn’t TNG! Kahn would be ok – but still, there needs to be new stories and new ideas brought forward. There’s no point in remaking what has already been addressed in earlier movies etc. Moral/ethical dilemmas always work well, as long as they keep up with the awesome action and fight scenes.

  20. Glenda York // May 27, 2009 at 9:57 pm //

    I would like to see them blaze new territory with the same incredible cast of characters.  It was the characters that made the old Star Trek so popular.  Now we have a chance to see some of the peripheral characters fleshed out more (Uhura, Scotty, Chekov, Sulu) as well as the big three of Kirk-Spock-McCoy.  Give them new adventures and new civilizations.  Let them boldly go where they haven’t gone before.  That’s the joy available to us in this new invigoration.  Let’s roll.

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