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25 Totally Free Tales by Top-Name Talent

More free speculative fiction goodness from Free Speculative Fiction Online, an amazing resource of — what else? — free fiction!

  1. J. G. Ballard: “The Autobiography of J.G.B.” [vt The Secret Autobiography of J. G. B******] (Interzone, April 1996)
  2. J. G. Ballard: “The Dying Fall” (Interzone, April 1996)
  3. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff: “Any Mother’s Son” (Analog, May 2000)
  4. Jonathan Carroll: “Alone Alarm” (Interzone, December 1996)
  5. Jonathan Carroll: “Asleep in Wolf’s Clothing” (The Time Out Book of NY Short Stories, Anthology, 1997)
  6. Jonathan Carroll: “Home on the Rain
  7. Jonathan Carroll: “Nothing to Declare” (Also: audio version)
  8. Jonathan Carroll: “Second Snow” (Bento, July 2001)
  9. Jonathan Carroll: “The Bum Who Smelled Like a Sandwich
  10. Jonathan Carroll: “The Language of Heaven
  11. Jonathan Carroll: “The Stolen Church” (Conjunctions #52, Spring 2009)
  12. Jonathan Carroll: “Vedran
  13. Elizabeth Hand: “Hungerford Bridge” (Conjunctions #52, Spring 2009)
  14. Nina Kiriki Hoffman: “Pranks” (Lone Star Stories #33, June 2009)
  15. Nancy Kress: “Computer Virus” (Asimov’s, April 2001)
  16. Nancy Kress: “Patent Infringement” [Audio] (Asimov’s, May 2002)
  17. Jonathan Lethem: “Ava’s Apartment” (New Yorker, May 2009)
  18. Nick Mamatas: “Walking With a Ghost” (Clarkesworld, June 2009)
  19. William F. Nolan: “Of Time and Texas” (Fantastic Universe, November 1956)
  20. Andre Norton: “All Cats are Gray” (Fantastic Universe, August 1953)
  21. Kristine Kathryn Rusch: “The Secret Lives of Cats” (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, July 2008)
  22. Bruce Sterling: “In Paradise” (F&SF, September 2002)
  23. Harry Turtledove: “Birdwitching” (Witch Way to the Mall, Anthology, 2009)
  24. Jeff VanderMeer: “Predecessor” (Conjunctions #52, Spring 2009)
  25. Jo Walton: “Parable Lost” (Lone Star Stories #33, June 2009)
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