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A 12 Minute Preview of ‘Virtuality’

Here’s the first 12-minutes of Ron Moore’s Virtuality, a new sci-fi thriller that “raises fascinating questions about the lines (or lack thereof) between reality and virtual reality”:

[via Slice of SciFi]

Extra: See cast members answer the question: What 3 things would you bring into space with you?

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2 Comments on A 12 Minute Preview of ‘Virtuality’

  1. I dunno. It was an interesting collection of images, but beyond that, I have no idea whether or not I want to watch the show. It felt like extremely random clips strung together, or something.

    I mean, I’ll give it a watch, at least the first episode. But that clip didn’t make me really WANT to watch it.

  2. I’ll definitely watch it despite the choppy beginning. I think the questions and ideas it seems to be heading toward could be fascinating!

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