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Free Online Read: The Digital Plague by Jeff Somers

The Hachette Book Group is making The Digital Plague by Jeff Somers available for free reading online.

From the book’s description:

Avery Cates is a very rich man. He’s probably the richest criminal in New York City. But right now, Avery Cates is pissed. Because everyone around him has just started to die – in a particularly gruesome way. With every moment bringing the human race closer to extinction, Cates finds himself in the role of both executioner and savior of the entire world.

Read it and see why I called this “another fun action novel from Somers

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2 Comments on Free Online Read: The Digital Plague by Jeff Somers

  1. retrocog // June 18, 2009 at 8:36 am //

    Avery Cates gets himself more beaten, bloodied, and pulped than John McClane, Rocky Balboa, or a random roadkill, and still manages to live to fight another day…or an hour later in the same day and an hour after that.   Yes, I love him for it.   Fun book filled with great  cinematic sequences and some nano-zombies.

    The series has the best book covers out there.  I want them framed.   I’m looking forward to The Eternal Prison.  

  2. Haven’t read the books yet, but ditto on the covers. Beautiful Jae Lee art, strong and simple design. These really stand out on the shelves.

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