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Han Solo P.I. – Star Wars/Magnum P.I. Mashup

How can you not love this? You can’t not!

I never realized before but Han Solo is Magnum. Uncanny.

But wait! There’s more! A scene by scene comparison. Outstanding.

[via Gizmodo]

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3 Comments on Han Solo P.I. – Star Wars/Magnum P.I. Mashup

  1. That is the coolest thing I could possibly see all day.  Until tomorrow, Internets!

  2. That is just so on the money!

    Funny thing is that when I was a kid, I was creating a sci-fi film with a pseudo Han Solo character that was very much modeled on Magnum, and I even created an animatic using that theme song. Brings back great memories… (Of course, I also used the central portion of Rush’s YYZ for the same project at one point, but let’s not get into that…)

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