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Hello Wars: A Star Wars Hello Kitty Mash-Up Site


I’m not sure whether this is totally awesome or completely appalling. The people behind the Hello Wars website have taken it upon themselves to create and sell this stickers that are a mashup of Star Wars characters done in the artistic style of Hello Kitty, with bows. You can purchase them individually for $1 a piece, or in packs for $10. I keep thinking “Who’s a cute wittle bounty hunter? You are aren’t you Boba Kitty! Yes you are!”

Clearly I need help.

[via Japanator]

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6 Comments on Hello Wars: A Star Wars Hello Kitty Mash-Up Site

  1. Aww, how cute! Er, well, not really… um…site is now down… where’s the Jar Jar sticker so I can put a big footprint over it?

    Anyway, thanks for the Star Wars-themed entry so here’s something that’s slightly off-topic, just like old times. You know, for a bunch of Star Wars and RPG nerds, why haven’t y’all written an entry about the “Darth and Droids” webcomic? (   Sorry, can’t figure out how to make the link doodad work on this new edit doodad).

    Even for a mini-RPG nerd like me (I don’t have the various tables memorized), this comic is literally laugh out loud funny…

    Should I wait for a Lord of the Rings-themed entry to comment about the DM of the Rings webcomic that inspired Darth and Droids? You can google it (‘cus remember what I said about link and edit doodad up there?)…

  2. …oh so that’s how that link thing works…

  3. Totally awesome/Totally cute!

  4. I like the idea of Hello Kitty Star Wars. It means that Darth Maul appears and everyone goes “d’awwwwww!”

    Or possibly “squeee!”

    Either way…this is fantastic. 😀

  5. PeterY (Hi Pete!),

    I could have sworn we had mentioned DARTH AND DROIDS before, but I guess not. I do, however, read it every day! Hmm, could be time for a SF web comics post….

  6. Hi JP! I made sure I googled it on SFSignal before I commented so I don’t get slammed with the “read the blog” response… heh

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