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Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 09 Jedi Vs. Sith Cinematic

This is the reason I’m such a Bioware fanboy. This is the reason I am so playing their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic as soon as I possibly can. This is why Star Wars Galaxy failed. This is also the best cinematic in the history of game cinematics. As the original poster said at Gametrailers said, this is better than Episodes I – III, combined. I am in complete agreement. You owe it to yourself to watch this in HD if you possibly can, even if it means waiting 10 minutes to download.

I think I’ll go watch again.

Pay attention George, you could learn something from these guys.

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6 Comments on Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 09 Jedi Vs. Sith Cinematic

  1. Combining the presequels would only make them worse..

    That said, nice trailer, makes me wish I could afford playing MMORPGs. Now I think I will and replay BG2 for the zillionth time.

  2. The history of game cinematics?  Wow, thats a big statement.  Blizzard -Diablo -Starcraft…  Dont get me wrong it looks great, but this is not going to convince me to play the game.  This is good to generate buzz, but thats it.  In fact when i see these kinds of game trailers, i usually roll my eyes… It just means that they dont have any gameplay worthy to show…

  3. Matte Lozenge // June 3, 2009 at 7:59 pm //

    Yowzah. I got yer Star Wars franchise reboot right ‘chere.

  4. Since it’s a Bioware game it will, at worst be better than average. And nice to see they can make a good cinematic after all that Dragon Age crap.

  5. That small clip was better than 8 hours of prequals.  This just confirms how badly Lucas screwed up those movies.  I would pay $10 to see that as a feature length film.

  6. Wow, oh wow.  I got goosebumps watching that.  The in-game screenshots don’t look as good as that, but still that was entertaining. 

    On a side note, the music from Star Wars has to be one of the most iconic parts.  Sure you’ve got lightsabers and droids, but next has to come the music.

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