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Tube Bits For 06/01/2009

  • Warner Bros. just recently debuted the cover art for season 1 of Fringe. Aside from Walter looking constipated, it doesn’t look half bad. The DVD comes with the usual assortment of extras while the Blu-ray disc has an interesting sounding item called ‘Pattern Analysis’ which allows you to take a closer look at 6 select scenes from Season 1 with experts who dissect each scene with notes, photos, and diagrams. You’ll be able to purchase your very own copy on Sept. 8th.
  • ABC aired the first of the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies last night. Bryan Fuller talks to Sci Fi Wire about his ideas for how Pushing Daisies should have ended (Warning: Spoilers!).
  • With the Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ cancellation, Summer Glau finds herself out of work. Happily, Dollhouse is on for a second season. Has the idea of teaming Summer and Alan Tudyk in Dollhouse occured to Joss Whedon? You bet! But I agree with Joss that it’s time for Summer to play something different.
  • Logan’s Run was a pretty good ’70s SF movie that spawned a pretty awful 70’s SF TV show. How do you follow that up? By retelling Logan’s story in comic book form! William F. Nolan is working with comic book company Bluewater on the new series. Sweet!
  • If you’re a LOST fan and are still confused over who the statue represents, the official word is the Egyptian goddess Taweret. And now for my pet theory #2 – the original inhabitants of the island helped found ancient Egypt and brought their mythology and hieroglyphics with them.
  • And now, Britain’s Got Talent (if no grammar police) finalists Diversity. “Why”, you may ask? 1) They aren’t Susan Boyle and 2) they use Transformers and Superman in their dance routine. Nicely done guys!
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2 Comments on Tube Bits For 06/01/2009

  1. Bzzzt! Thank you for playing!

    It appears that the grammar police exist in England, but not over here. Britain’s Got Talent is correct; Britain’s, in this instance, not a possessive but a contraction of Britain Has… just like it’s and it is.

  2. No no, thank you for playing!

    I wasn’t referring to “Britain’s” part at all, rather the horrible, and sadly to often used, use of “Got” to mean “has”. If you’re ever in New Orleans never lay money down on a sidewalk bet where someone says they can tell you where you ‘got’ your shoes. They’ll say “your feet!” everytime.

    And you’ll be out five bucks. 

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