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Tube Bits For 06/02/2009

  • Dollhouse has been renewed for a second season and there’s talk of a Buffy movie (Whedon not included) and according to Anthony Stewart Head (Giles on TV’s Buffy), he and Whedon have talked about either a British spin-off series or movie centered on his character called Ripper. I’m not into Buffy but all this talk makes think I should reconsider.
  • Ed Left from Airlock Alpha takes Fox to task over their new SF show Human Target. And a righteous smack down it is, but I think we all know why Fox (or Hollywood) destroys good ideas.
  • ImpNerd gives us the 10 best nerd TV series still running and worth watching. I’d quibble with Heroes being the best at anything, expect sucking. And I keep hearing good things about The Big Bang Theory. Yet another show I’m thinking of checking out. Thoughts?
  • BBC America will be launching their HD channel, BBC America HD (natch), on July 20th with a special SF week. To celebrate they will air the new Torchwood movie, the latest Dr. Who special, Planet of the Dead, Being Human and the season 3 finale of Primeval all simulcast in HD and on regular old BBC America. Too bad I don’t get BBCA in HD. Thanks Comcast. Comcastic indeed.
  • Microsoft had a big day today at their announcement event at E3 (the Electronic and Entertainment Expo, I think, I just call it E3, like all cool people). I’ll have more on the games side of things which blew me away. But here’s an intersting tidbit for all us 360 owners: the 360 will now support Twitter and Facebook natively, starting in the fall. Because I don’t get enough interruptions with achievement notices and friends on/off announcements, now I need twitter and facebook feeds (Note: This announcement does not apply to Kevin, the resident SF Signal Facebook hater). Here is Felicia Day explaining how it works:
  • Super fun bonus video! Thanks to Bruce Baugh at Tor, I spent too much time last night trolling this list of songs taken literally on YouTube. One of the best is this literal take on They Might Be Giants’ Birdhouse In Your Soul (and for the record, I like TMBG a lot). Hilarious! Plus zombie nerds, how can you go wrong?
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 06/02/2009

  1. Terentia // June 2, 2009 at 8:35 pm //

    The Big Bang Theory is the funniest show on TV ever. There are never fewer than 3 laugh out loud moments every episode. The characters are well written and fully fleshed out, no cheap shots here. If you haven’t seen this, you are really missing something.

  2. Huh…that’s funny.  I had a different impression of Big Bang Theory.  The show uses humor at the expense of geeks whereas, say, Chuck, creates humor for geeks.  In the former case, the audience is supposed to say “Yeah, look how nerdy/socially-inept/weird geeks are!” as if the show is written by geek-haters.  In the latter case, the show appears to written by geeks, and there are a lot of in-jokes for geeks to discover.

  3. Except that the geeks on Big Bang Theory are ultimately written as sympathetic. True, the audience is laughing at them, but in the end the geeks are shown to be loyal friends and worthy of respect. It’s been a slow character arc, but Penny — the stereotypically “hot girl” across the hall — is discovering her geeky side. While they haven’t written her as shallow, just as someone who’s never been particularly academically inclined, she’s discovering that intelligence can be sexy too.

    Or you could just watch it to see what t-shirt Sheldon is going to wear next.

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