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Tube Bits For 06/03/2009

  • When I think of Land of the Lost, I think of the Sid and Marty Krofft version that aired on Saturday mornings during the ’70s. Out of all the Krofft productions, this is the one that is least scary and the most interesting, well, the first season anyway. Probably because of the big name SF authors involved in writing stories. With the new Will Ferrell movie opening this Friday, The Washington Post sits down with Sid and Marty Krofft and talk all things Kroffty. Ah the memories.
  • Sweet and sour: 2010 will give us the next season and the end of LOST. Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse give us hints as to what we’ll see during the last season. No real spoilers, but more things that will be explained, among them, the smoke monster. Yay!
  • The Listener is NBC’s summer entry in the genre field, with the lead being a telepathic paramedic who helps the dead. Sci Fi Wire interviews star Craig Olejnik and producer Christina Jennings. It sounds like there is an overarching story here that could make this more interesting than I thought. I’ll tune in to see how it looks.
  • Ron Moore’s Virtuality was supposed to be a pilot for a new series before being optioned as just a movie and scheduled for July 4th on Fox. Now we learn that Fox has moved Virtuality yet again, the June 26th at 8pm, but it will also be in HD. That’s a plus.
  • TV over the internet seems to be heating up lately. First Hulu released it’s Hulu Desktop application and now YouTube is getting into the TV act with its release of YouTubeXL, a new TV sized interface for its videos. All this innovation and eventually we’ll get what we really want, TV shows streamed day and date of broadcast and in high quality.
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