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Tube Bits For 06/08/2009

  • Will we soon have to pay for Hulu? If new Chief Digital Officer (from AOL) Jonathan Miller has his way, then the answer is ‘yes’, some TV shows and movies would only be available to paying subscribers. I understand why he would want to do this, but forcing people to pay for some content will cause more people to turn to other methods to get what they want.
  • Funimation is a US distributor of anime. If you’re looking to dip into the anime waters, they have a video portal section where they stream some of their anime for free. Ergo Proxy is a SF anime that I’ve heard good things about and you can watch the first few episodes on Funimation, though at the time of this writing, the video portion appears to be down.
  • Sci Fi Wire interviews Robert Hewitt Wolfe, writer for the new Riverworld adaptation on Sci Fi. To no one’s surprise, Wolfe has changed, at the request of Sci Fi, the particulars of the story to follow two new, unknown characters plus Mark Twain. Sigh.
  • Mark Sheppard has been seen on Firefly, Galactica, has done voice work for the Wii game The Conduit and now he’s added another notch on his SF belt: Warehouse 13. Sci Fi Wire sat down for an interview with Sheppard to talk thing Warehouse 13 and is guest role in the show.
  • UltraOrange.Net says he is quitting Star Trek. Apparently the lack of optimism or au new ideas in the new movie have prompted the abandonment.
  • New Scientist has an interesting article covering the science of Galactica. As you might expect, the psychological aspects get high marks while the rest have problems.
  • Tim Kring offers spoilers for season 4 of Heroes. (And here I thought he spoiled Heroes at the end of the first season. Zing!)
  • But if you just can’t get enough Heroes and you’re insane lucky enough to own an iPhone, there is now a Heroes comic reader you can buy in the App store.
  • Want to know every genre show on this summer? Sci Fi Wire has you covered with their list. Looking at this list is rather sad. Aside from Eureka and possibly Warehouse 13 and Merlin, nothing stands out for me. Luckily Psych is returning soon!
  • If you’re old enough to remember the Starblazers anime, you may be interested to know there is a new version being worked on right now. Here’s the trailer:
  • New Stargate Universe Teaser:
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4 Comments on Tube Bits For 06/08/2009

  1. I would have sworn that I’d have no interest in a Starblazers remake. By the time I got four minutes into that clip above, though, I suddenly had to see this show right now!

    Oh, nostalgia. Is there anything I won’t do for you…?

  2. I’m still on the fence about the remake. It looks ‘too cgi’ in some spots and let’s hope this story moves a bit faster in the beginning then the original did.

  3. Star Blazers!!! Thanks so much for the link! I used to race home everyday after school to catch the next episode.

  4. The Star Blazers intro was cool; the theme music needs a bit of an update.  It brought back good Saturday morning memories, but I don’t remember what a “Fragship” is?  Is that a serious and possibly offensive typo or should a real fanboy get it?  Also, did you notice how the interior of one of the flagships has the word “Port” in six foot letters on the deck with an arrow pointing to the left?  Is training that poor in the future?  “Captain ordered a turn to port?  Which was is that!!!  Oh yeah…there it is on the deck!”

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