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Tube Bits For 06/12/2009

  • Nancy Jane Moore of the Book View Cafe blog says she didn’t like the new Star Trek movie because it basically brought nothing new to the table. A couple thoughts: wanting the new Trek to be a ‘blow them all up and let God sort them out’ with hard to tell good guys and bad guys goes against Roddenberry’s original idea of an optimistic future (not that <SPOILER!>the genocide of Vulcan doesn’t smack that idea in the face). Second, we can hope all the cool new SF-nal ideas will be brought out in the next movies while the first was a vehicle to attract the masses without scaring them.
  • Ron Moore updates Sci Fi Wire on Caprica and thinks that most Galactica fans feel like “we did justice to the show by the end.” Just don’t tell that Chris Roberson fella!
  • You’d think that Fox declining to pick up your new series would pretty much mean the end of things. Not if you’re Ron Moore though who explains why he thinks a Virtuality series is still possible. He’s hanging is hat on the idea that Fox has apparently never officially said “It’s over!” and the hope that good reviews and ratings will change Fox’s mind. Good luck with that.
  • Paul Gross (the Mountie from Due South if you remember that show, I do) has signed on to play an important role in the new Witches of Eastwick series. Hmm, could it be….Satan! Why yes, yes it could.
  • Still at least 6 months to go until LOST returns for its final series. Matthew Fox recently gave an press conference at the Television Festival where he touched on the last season and what would happen. Of the very end he says it’s moving, redemptive, sad and awesome. But I ask you, what can be more awesome than SF Signal’s version of how LOST will end?

    Now that’s how you end a series!

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