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Tube Bits For 06/17/2009

  • You may not have heard of the new web series called The Cabonauts, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Erin Gray (shiny bodysuit wearing Wilma Deering from the NBC series Buck Rogers). Gray has signed on to the web project as its casting director.
  • Masi Oka is a talented and lucky guy: Brown graduate, ILM alum and now Hiro Nakamura on Heroes. Oka has just landed a deal with Dreamworks who have purchased the rights to his MMORPG themed movie, The Defenders. The movie involves a group of teenagers, friends inside a fantasy game world, who meet and become heroes in real life. Rumor also has it Oka is looking to leave Heroes but NBC does not want him to leave.
  • Sad news Primeval fans, ITV has canceled the show after only three seasons. Looks like ITV wants to concentrate on more adult oriented dramas instead of ones with dinos and prehistoric monsters. Pity.
  • Over a year ago it was announced that Leonardo DiCaprio’s company Appian Way and Warner Bros. were working on a live-action adaptation of the anime classic Akira. The bad news (or is it, considering how Hollywood ruins things?) now is the adaptation is dead dead dead. No reason given in the article, but this wouldn’t have been cheap to make and there isn’t a large built0in audience for it either.
  • Fox recently announced premiere dates for its two SF shows. Fringe will air on Thursdays at 9pm (ET) starting Sept. 17th and Dollhouse will air on Fridays at 9pm (ET) starting Sept. 18th.
  • Is the new ABC mini-series Impact (starts June 22, set your DVRs) going to be any good at all? According to the Bad Astronomey, Phil Plait, the science is horribly, terribly bad, which is to be expected. And with no Sean Connery, Natalie or even Karl Malden (hell I’d settle for Bruce Willis and Michael Bay) I don’t see this being a bit hit. But, see the trailer for yourself:
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  1. I enjoyed AKIRA very much, watched it several times. However, I think its popularity has run its course and why mess with perfection anyway? I’m actually glad Hollywood isn’t going to touch it.

  2. OMG! The big-wigs at ABC really ARE aliens who want to turn our brains to mush and eat them!

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