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Book Cover Smackdown! The Martian Chronicles vs. When the Sky Fell vs. Wireless (UK)

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it): Tell us which cover you like best and why. Go!

Books shown here:

NOTE: Bigger, better cover art images are available by clicking the images or title links…

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9 Comments on Book Cover Smackdown! The Martian Chronicles vs. When the Sky Fell vs. Wireless (UK)

  1. The colors in “The Martian Chronicles” immediately stood out to me– so that gets my vote. 

  2. euphrosyne // July 30, 2009 at 1:38 am //

    The only thing I really like about any of these covers is the font on Wireless. It’s nothing really special, but crisp and large and high-contrast enough to not need cheesy auras or inner glows like the other two…

  3. When the Sky Fell:  Mmmm, spaceships!  Mmmm!

    The Martian Chronicles:  As sqt mentioned, the colors on this cover work well but, overall, it’s not quite good enough for my first-place vote.  (Ironically, I bought a new version of The Martian Chronicles about a year ago, so I guess I won’t be buying this edition any time soon.)

    Wireless: Even after looking at several different images of the cover, I’ve yet to figure out what is supposed to be represented in the artwork.  (As opposed to the cover of Stross’ Saturn’s Children, which at least is understandable.)  The blurb about the book would really have to work to sell me on buying this book.


  4. Hm. #1 or #3 jump out at me the most. #2 looks too hackneyed for me (I’m bored of space saga covers). I would not be surprised if the cover bore no resemblance to the story or stories inside.

    I much prefer the US cover to wireless to this UK one, however. US one:


  5. Tough call this time.  While the Martian Chronicles (complete edition) is one of the best reads in bookdom, the cover doesn’t sing.  I love the image on When The Sky Fell – but the text is horrible. The text on Wireless is good, placement and drama – but the image(s) aren’t talking to me.

  6. I’ll vote for “none of the above.” The one that comes closest to acceptable is #3 (the Stross), because one can actually read both the title and the author at a glance. Putting the author’s name above the title, in a larger and better-contrasting type, though, is bad taste… even for Stephen King. And then there’s the problem with the art in the background… which doesn’t relate too well to the content.

  7. I love me a good space opera cover, and #2 is a good space opera cover!

  8. Number 2 was the one which immediately caught my eye and derailed what I was saying to someone, so I have to go for that. And I never get sick of starships. 😀 And I look at it and just WISH I’d written that book. If this were a bookstore, I think I’d buy it sight unseen, from the cover.


    I REALLY like the Martian Chronicles cover EXCEPT for the martian heads in the top right cover, because that square-ish bit feels pasted into the rest of the cover. And it makes it busier than it needs to be.

    And the Wireless cover is, I bet, a lot more catching in person. on the screen, what mostly comes across is just text. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t grab me.

  9. Jim Shannon // July 31, 2009 at 2:06 am //

    I’m not a Charles Stross fan but I like the cover of Wireless out of the 3 of them.

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