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Free Fiction and Stuff for 7/15/09

Free Audio and Graphic Fiction [courtesy of the vivavcios QuasarDragon]

  • Aphelion has its July issue out with fiction and poetry by Mark Ward, Kyra Dune, Alex P. Perdian, James Michael White, Richard Tornello, E. S. Strout, Byard Clemmons, Michael C. Keith, John Winn, S. P. Nicolee, Jon Stocks, J. B. Hogan, Dave Weaver, John Grey, Richard H. Fay, J. Davidson Hero, William Landis, Robert Laughlin, Richard Tornello, and Glenn Hackney.
  • Bewildering Stories has its 344th weekly issue up with fiction, poetry, and essays by L. J. Geoffrion, James C. G. Shirk, Mary B. McArdle, Oonah V. Joslin, Catfish Russ, Francine Schwartz, Tamara Sheehan, Jennifer Stakes, Gabriel S. Timar, John Vieczorek, Thomas R. Willits, and Danielle L. Parker.
  • @Project Gutenberg:
  • Audio Fiction:
    • @Dunesteef: “Devo” by Rish Outfield and “The Shortest Ghost Story Ever Told” by Big Anklevich in the podcast’s one year anniversary episode.
  • Graphic Fiction:
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