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Happy 4th Of July!

To all our American readers I hope you’re having a happy Independence Day, full with the charred flesh of various animals and the libation(s) of your choice, all spiced up with small to medium explosive devices light by hand. Todays’ the day we celebrate our Independence from the British (sorry guys, the spotted dick just isn’t right) or aliens whose computers are suspiciously susceptible to a Macintosh virus of all things.

In any event, back in 1776 when our forefathers were hashing out the Declaration of Independence, I bet it sounded a little something like this (who knew K.I.T.T. could sing 233 years ago?):

Oh alright, it was nothing like that. Here’s the real deal:

Seriously, enjoy today and stay safe! I plan on staying inside where it’s nice and cool then go outside tonight and hose down my house so it doesn’t burst into flames due to the neighbor kids shooting of fireworks…

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