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Help Define The Quintessential Fantasy Library

Lou Anders is looking for unobvious books that belong in every fantasy collection.

Says Lou:

I’m giving a talk next month to an association of Texas librarians on how to build a good, comprehensive SF&F collection. I’ve given this talk before, restricting myself just to the science fiction genre, and am pretty confident with my list of works (both classic and contemporary) and what I have to say about it. Updating that speech with a few gems from the last year won’t be hard. But this year, I’m giving two talks, one on science fiction and one just on fantasy.


I’d really appreciate some suggestions on what fantasy books every library should have.

There are already some great suggestions over there. Hop on over and add your picks.

(I might also point folks to the existing compilation from 2007 by Colin Harvey, which I just Googled.)

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