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Re-Imagined Movie Posters For Classic SciFi Films

Twitch tells us that The Alamo Drafthouse is selling new movie posters for the SciFi classics Total Recall and Re-Animator (and also The Royal Tenenbaums). The Totall Recall poster was created by Tyler Stout and sells for $30 or $75, depending on which version you want. The Re-Animator poster by Alex Pardee sells for $30.

Oooh! A closer look at Twitch’s image galleries shows that there are also cool posters Night Of The Creeps, Goonies , Rocky Horror Picture Show, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein.

Re-imagined SciFi posters is a cool idea. If I had a spare $100 and a couple of feet of wall space in the Media Room haven I can only dream of never having, I’d snatch these up in a second.

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