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RIP: Charles Brown [UPDATED]

Sad news…

Locus is reporting that Locus publisher, editor, and co-founder Charles N. Brown, 72, died peacefully in his sleep July 12, 2009 on his way home from Readercon.

[UPDATE] See also: Remembrances from Elizabeth Bear, Karen Burnham, ComicMix, Ellen Datlow, Andy Duncan, Scott Edelman, Eos Books, Jeffrey Ford, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Beth Meacham, Cheryl Morgan, Steve Perry, John Scalzi, Graham Sleight, Robert J. Sawyer, Lucius Shepard, Dean Wesley Smith, Jonathan Strahan, Stromata Blog, Suvudu, Michael Swanwick, Andrew Wheeler, Liz Williams, Sean Williams, Walter Jon Williams, and Paul Witcover.

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  1. brainshades // July 13, 2009 at 9:55 pm //

    What would the field be like without Locus Magazine?  Impossible to know really because for over 40 years Locus has defined and documented the history of SF & Fantasy fiction, and along the way has probably been a little responsible for some of the direction the field has taken.

    All the news, reviews and interviews you could want, wrapped up in a tidy little package each month… thanks to the hard work and efforts of Charles N. Brown and company.  For his contributions to the field, Charlie deserves to be remembered right alongside the names of Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein…

    –Thanks for everything Charlie.



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