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Science of the Movies

Science of the Movies is a new show on the Science Channel (Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT) that lives at the intersection of Hollywood blockbusters and cool moviemaking technology. It’s a geek’s dream show because it shows the behind-the-scenes techniques used to create the outstanding special effects we see in a lot of genre films.

The host, Nar Williams does a good job of staying on topic with probing questions in between brief explanations, movie clips, and the inevitable eager fanboy reactions. (Would any of us act any differently? I think not.) The show hops between these moments quickly, though, preventing you from losing interest. (I hate it when documentaries and interviews show people talking and talking and talking…) This is a great show to share with your kids to show them “how it’s done”. (See, Timmy, that man’s head didn’t really explode.”)

I’ve seen a few episodes and I’ve enjoyed them all, enough to warrant a Season Pass on my Tivo. Episodes so far have featured, among other things, IMAX technology, motion control cameras, movie weaponry, CG effects (even comparing new face melting techniques to old school ones like the one seen at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark), and vampire effects. In one episode, the host was made into an action figure and they showed the 3D printer technology. All cool stuff.

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