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SF Tidbits for 7/26/09

  • Comic Book Resources interviews Chris Roberson (I, Zombie) and profiles Charlie Huston and his work on the upcoming comic Deathlok. Sez Houston: “While the ’90s versions of Deathlok mixed superhero elements with science fiction ones, Huston’s series is strictly a science fiction story. ‘This is science fiction in the broadest possible sense,’ Huston stated. ‘It’s not Hard Sci Fi, where you take a science concept and try to extrapolate it to its natural conclusion. It’s two-fisted, pulp-adventure, science fiction.'”
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden talks about the original inventor of the slidewalk. No, it’s not Heinlein. YouTube links included!
  • Real Science: Hubble reawakens, snaps image of Jupiter scar, created when comet or asteroid plunged into Jupiter’s atmosphere.
  • Dumb Little Man lists Eight Reasons to Read Fiction.
  • Genre film dominate Speckyboy’s lists of 24 Lego Stop Motion Films Mimicking Cool Movies Scenes. Here’s the Lego trailer for The Dark Knight:
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  1. This lego-made trailer is very fun ! Thanks.

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