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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Cold Lazarus’

A strange crystal strikes down O’Neill, replacing him with a double that returns with the team to Earth. But the double is dangerously unstable. Can O’Neill return home to save everyone?

Who writes these descriptions? Most people know that O’Neill lasts for years so the answer to that question posed is “Yes, duh.” Even if it were lifted straight from the original air date synopsis, most people will know a series regular isn’t going to get red shirted only a few episodes in so again, the answer is “Yes, duh.”

Well finally, the first truly alien world and lifeform. The story reminds me of Sherri S. Tepper’s Raising the Stones, at the risk of spoiling a bit of the episode. My first thought is, man, the amount of abuse the members of SG-1 go through is amazing, who would stick with it? Second, why doesn’t anyone notice how strange O’Neill is acting after coming back?

I missed this one somehow when I started watching SG-1 a few weeks ago so I’m seeing it for my first time. As far as a character piece goes, it’s quite effective, and unexpected. And it’s one of those interesting things for me. If I had seen this before I was married and had kids, I’d find it a bit boring and melodramatic. But now, having kids of my own brings a much greater depth of personal understanding and feeling to an episode like this. The point about a parent shouldn’t out live their children is a good one.

I’d say this is the first really good episode, even if there is some hokiness surrounding the double and the crystal’s ability to mimic people, for crying out loud. And the crystals are some sort of energy beings? Wha? Thinking of all the bad stuff that could possibly come through the gate, it’s amazing how lax security at the base really is. Of course, this will come into play later.

Best Lines:

[After discharging his staff weapon and setting off the alarms]

Teal’c – “You received permission for me to fire my staff weapon in the gate room?”

Carter – “Oh yeah.”

Jackson – “Absolutely.”

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