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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Enigma’ (S01E16)

Description: The SG-1 team rescues a group of highly developed survivors from the cataclysmic planet of Tollan. To stop the legendary knowledge of the Tollan people from falling into the wrong hands, O’Neill and his team stake everything on the cross-universal rescue.

What happens when SG-1 encounters a race much more advanced than Earth? You get ‘Enigma’, where we see what happens when humans are on the wrong end of technology shock. This episode is another character oriented episode, centering on Carter. And, yet again, it’s another good one, with Carter discovering feelings for one of the Tollan, Narim. It’s all very emotional, in a good way, and I didn’t feel the writers were trying to overwhelm us with technobabble. Sure there’s a bit here, what do you expect when the advanced race can walk through walls? But it isn’t the center of attention, which belongs to Sam’s relationship and Earth trying to forge a relationship with the Tollan.

One bothersome bit: Because of the Tollan, the SGC gang knows that ‘quantum mechanics’ is a misconception and that folding space isn’t actually folding space. What do they do with this knowledge? Nothing as far as I can tell.

Bonus bit! The introduction of a competing government agency to SGC and it’s ‘champion’, Colonel Mayborn. Mayborn will be heavily featured in upcoming episodes. And talk about oily, wow, the man is a walking Exxon Valdez. His conflict with General Hammond shows, once again, how good Don S. Davis is as he absolutely nails Hammond’s character.

Best Lines:

[A UAV is sent through the gate to recon over Tollan.]

Carter – “Air appears to be in pockets ranging from 1500 degrees down to 200.”

O’Neill – “Sounds like L.A.”

[Carter brings her cat so Nareem can see a ‘live’ animal]

Narim – “I never thought I’d see a living animal.”

Carter – “His name’s Schroedinger.” (Of course it is! – Ed.)

[After Mayborn introduced himself to SGC, he starts making an @$$ of himself]

Hammond – “Why don’t you ask the airman outside to show you to your quarters?”

Mayborn – “That’s okay, I’ll wait.”

Hammond – “That wasn’t an invitation, it was an order….Colonel.”

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  1. I really love Mayborn.

    Carter is really cool here and her over-the-top intelligence still bearable. Sad that they made a genius that outsmarts every other genius by 50 iq-points out of her later.

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