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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Singularity’

Description: The SG-1 team travels through the Stargate to planet P8X-987, where they discover that a strange disease has wiped out everyone on the planet — everyone, that is, except for a little girl named Cassandra. But, Cassandra has a terrible secret…

Well hey! A feel good episode of SG-1! You have to feel sorry for the little girl Cassandra here, being used by the Goa’uld in a horrible manner. But then again, given the apparent lax security at SGC, the Goa’uld were right to try and take advantage of that so called security.

There’s some good stuff here, I especially like the idea of viewing a black hole, but wouldn’t a planet close enough to view it be close enough to be destroyed by the radiation? I don’t know, I’m just guessing. I think we all knew Teal’c was a big, bald teddy bear, and we’re proven right! Ah Teal’c, you big softy for the kids. Just imagine putting yourself in Carter’s shoes at the end, what would you do? Really good stuff there.

There’s also a lot of technobabble surrounding the biological aspects of Cassandra’s predicament. Thanks to TNG, I have a low tolerance for technical sound gibberish and it annoys me no end. Even Eureka is starting to bug me with all it’s babble. Is it just me or are those Goa’uld pilots horrible shots? Yet they can fly through the Stargate. Hot shot pilots with bad aim. Nice. Plus once more, SG-1 can’t seem to bring anything useful back from another planet, except potential death and danger.

All in all though, one of the better episodes of this season, and we do get to see Cassandra, or hear about here, in later seasons.

Best Lines:

[Opening scene]

Jackson – “So what exactly are we going to see after this eclipse begins? I mean it is black and it is a whole.”

O’Neill – “Well it might be a black hole.”

[Just a bit later, after O’Neill drops the ‘accretion disk’ bomb]

Jackson – “What did you just say?”

O’Neill – “It’s just an astronomical term.”

Carter – “You didn’t think the colonel has a telescope on his roof just to look at the neighbors, did you?”

O’Neill – “Not initially.”

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2 Comments on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Singularity’

  1. re: Best Lines.

    Jack does play “dumb” to Daniel and Samantha, a lot.  On the other hand, the keyword is “play”. Every so often, highlighted with the dialogue above, he shows that he definitely plays on that expectation, on purpose. 



  2. Hey I like your watchathon articles a lot. Having seen the first seasons a couple of months back, I am looking forward reading your comments. I mostly agree, especially the missing securitiy (and sometimes the team even complains that something is checked AT ALL) and the inability to ever find something usefull bugged me. But when they started to make the last one a regular topic with the superiors it was kind of funny.

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