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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘The Broca Divide’

Description: Returning from a planet with both a civilized and primitive side, all but two of the team become infected and spread the brutal virus. Will Teal’C and Jackson find the cause, or are their colleagues doomed to become Stone Age primitives?

I think we can safely say that the answer to that question is: No. So we have here yet another SF cliche, the virus which causes the infected to regress/devolve/change radically, yet the cure is 100% effective and returns the infected to perfect health. Necessary but still annoying.

One of the good things we see is the characters rounding into shape, especially O’Neill as the smart ass and Jackson as the guy who wants nothing more than to study each world in depth and Teal’c as the ultimate straight man. I’m more on Jackson’s side, but I see how the military wouldn’t be all that interested.

As far as the stories go, at this point, SG-1 appears to be following the Sliders model where they visit a different world, culture-wise, each week. Egyptian, Mongol and now Minoan. Again, I understand how this makes sense in the context of the show, but it still feels forced, unnatural.

We also learn that Anderson is a good actor.

All in all, not a bad episode, re-work the cliched virus attack and it’d be that much better. Is it just me or did the music in this episode sound a bit like Star Wars in places? Probably just me.

Best Lines

Teal’c – “Gentlemen, I’d prefer to no hurt this man.”

[Carter ‘attacks’ O’Neill in the men’s locker room]

O’Neill – “What the hell is going on?”

Carter – “I want you.”

O’Neill – “Why? I mean No!” <- Classic.

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