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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘The First Commandment’

Description: The SG-1 team is sent after the SG-9 team that has failed to return. They find that SG-9’s captain, having been treated like a god by planetary inhabitants, is drunk with power. Can they overthrow him?

I guess it’s bound to happen even with the (you’d suspect) highly trained SG teams that one would go rogue, seduced by the power given to them by less advanced civilizations on the other side of gates. The conversation over the camp fire that explains how Hanson slides into godhood to be one of the better moments of this episode.

Unfortunately for me, the rest of the episode doesn’t really live up to the promise of that scene and becomes a rather cliched look at a person becoming drunk with power and becoming unhinged. And of course, Hanson was a ‘black ops’ soldier, who, we all know, are loons. Add in the inevitable ending and we have an episode that starts out well but only meanders to its conclusion.

Best Lines:

[After receiving the second ‘No sir’ from a sub-ordinate]

O’Neill – “No sir? Does it say ‘Colonel’ anywhere on my uniform?”

[On the tastiness of military food]

Jackson – “This tastes like chicken.”

Carter – “So what’s wrong with that?”

Jackson – “It’s macaroni and cheese.”

[Hearing the natives sneak up on the camp]

O’Neill – “We’ve good company.”

Jackson – “Are you sure?”

Poison dart hits dirt beside Daniel.

O’Neill – “Pretty sure.”

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