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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Tin Man’ (S01E18)

Description: Upon landing on P3X 989, a mysterious alien named Harlan renders the SG-1 team unconscious. After waking and returning to Earth, they find that their minds have been downloaded into androids. Can the team return before they run out of power and die?

The opening of this episode really brought this to my attention: SG-1 was easily subdued, showing just how lax their tactical awareness and security really is. “Hey cool! Computer! Let’s all bunch up together so we can be jumped from behind!”

This episode has a very odd mix humor and seriousness which just doesn’t quite seem to mesh well together. I really like the idea here of their consciousness being downloaded into android bodies and of Harlan being so lonely he’s ready to take over anyone who comes through the Stargate (and why the heck haven’t the Goa’uld gone through?) This episode actually reminds me a bit of the old pen and paper RPG Paranoia, although not anywhere near as manic.

It plays out like you’d think, with last minute fixes thanks to the robot bodies and the real bodies still being available and all with a happy ending. The writers touch on some of the weighty issues when the two Jack’s talk at the end, but it quickly turns away from the philosophical to Earth’s security. All in all, just an ‘okay’ episode, which could have been great, but doesn’t quite get there.

Best Lines:

[On meeting Harlan for the first time]

O’Neill – “Kumbahyah.”

Harlan – “Cometryah.”

O’Neill – “Whatever.”

[SG-1 androids meet real SG-1]

Teal’c – “Was not a copy made of me?”

Harlan – “Oh yes, um, but uh, I had to disintegrate you.”

Teal’c – …..”I see.”

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