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The Human Genre Project

Ken MacLeod has launched a new website called The Human Genre Project, a showcase for the various short forms of writing.

From the site’s description:

The Human Genre Project is a collection of new writing in very short forms — short stories, flash fictions, reflections, poems — inspired by genes and genomics.

Starting with just a few pieces at its launch in July 2009, the collection will grow and develop over time. Please check back regularly to see what has been added.

The project was conceived by Ken MacLeod, writer in residence at the Genomics Forum, who also edits the collection, and was inspired by Michael Swanwick’s Periodic Table of Science Fiction.

The Human Genre Project is an initiative of the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, part of the ESRC Genomics Network, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and based at The University of Edinburgh.

The site welcomes new contributions of short works inspired by genes and genomics. Participants so far include Alam Alexander, Pippa Goldschmidt, Mike Holmes, Adam Roberts, Ellie Stewart, and Laura-Gray Street.

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1 Comment on The Human Genre Project

  1. William Kraemer // December 30, 2009 at 3:28 pm //

    They flicker in and out of nonesense

    Like shadows on cave walls

    Flicker between foreground and background.

    Bent and stupified

    Under rickety gene spirals

    They wiggle where we walk

    Their words are salads

    While our words are sterling.

    Biochemical gimcrackery makes them


    Whereas another twist of fate makes us

    Acceptable, compliant.

    We live in homes and high rises

    They live in half-way houses or placed

    in hospital warehouses.

    It is in the twist of genes

    The yank of destiny that we all walk.


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