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Top 20 SF Signal Posts for June 2009

Here are the top SF Signal posts for June 2009:

  1. MIND MELD: Guide to International SF/F (Part I )
  2. MIND MELD: Why is Genre Fiction Bleak and What Can Be Done About It?
  3. 5 Reasons Why You Should Read a Warhammer 40,000 Book
  4. MIND MELD: Real-Life Places That Inspire Exceptional World Building
  5. eBook Readers, or, How To Miss The Point
  6. MIND MELD: New SF/F Recommendations for the Golden Age Reader
  7. REVIEW: Green by Jay Lake
  8. INTERVIEW: 10 Questions with Joe Abercrombie
  9. Han Solo P.I. – Star Wars/Magnum P.I. Mashup
  10. Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 09 Jedi Vs. Sith Cinematic
  11. REVIEW: 2009 Hugo Award Short Fiction Nominees
  12. Book Cover Smackdown! Two Hawks From Earth vs. Death of a Starship
  13. RIP: David Eddings (1931-2009)
  14. Alastair Reynolds Lands Unprecedented 10-Year, 10-Book Deal with Gollancz
  15. WINNERS: 2008 Bram Stoker Award
  16. Book Trailer Theater: ‘The Strain’ by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan
  17. REVIEW: House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds
  18. Friday YouTube Bonus: William Shatner Gives Conan The Finger
  19. At the Trailer Park: The Last Airbender; 2012; ZombieLand; Ponyo
  20. MEME: Which SF/F Books Do You Want To Be Made Into Movies?
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