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Tron 2.0 Is Now Tron Legacy

Disney’s ‘sequel’ to one of many geeks’ favorite 1980’s movies, Tron, made a big splash at this year’s ComicCon 2009. The previously titled Tron 2.0 now has a new name, Tron Legacy and a new logo:


I like this logo, looks all shiny and stuff. But we all know what the coolest thing about the first movie was: lightcycles. Disney knows this as well, which is why the first ‘teaser trailer’ from last year involved the cycles. Well, they went and blew that up this year. Visitors to the Tron Legacy panel were able to visit Flynn’s Arcade, which included a secret passage leading to this:

The video is kind of crappy, so if you want a better view, check it out below:


These cycles kick all kinds of @$$ it’s not even funny. If these were actual, real life motorcycles, I’d fight hard to convince my wide I need one. Now check out all the other concept art and articles about Tron Legacy.

I really like the look they’ve created for Legacy, familiar yet different. Hopefully the story will live up to the visuals.

I was looking forward to this movie anyway, now I’m officially geeked.

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2 Comments on Tron 2.0 Is Now Tron Legacy

  1. acameron // July 25, 2009 at 11:41 am //

    “fight hard to convince my wide I need one”

    I suspect that this is the kinda of typo your *wide*erm wife wouldn’t appreciate.


    Sweet bike.

  2. Wow, when is this movie coming out?


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