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Tube Bits for 07/08/2009

  • SyFy kicked off it’s new name last night with the launch of its new series, Warehouse 13. Early reviews seem to be positive and it looks to take after Eureka in tone, which isn’t a bad thing. The premise looks intriguing, but as of this writing, I haven’t seen it yet. Once our comments are working, I’ll give my take on the series.
  • IGN has posted their list of characters they don’t want to see in the new live-action Star Wars. Basically, any of the familiar characters from the original trilogy they don’t want in the new TV series. And before the success of the new Trek film, I’d say using new actors for iconic characters is asking for trouble, but now I’m not sure. The further adventures of Luke, Leia and Han would have a built in audience and if it turned out good, it would probably have tremendous ratings. I guess we’ll see where they go. The less Lucas the better though.
  • If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and you’ll be in San Diego for Comic Con 2009, you’ll have the chance to purchase an advanced limited edition Blu-ray or DVD of season 1. Only 5000 have been made, each individually numbered, and you can pre-order at the Fox store or hope to get lucky and find a copy available at the Fox booth.
  • The web series The Cabonauts, whose casting is being handled by one Erin Gray, have added Nichelle Nichols to the cast as the CEO of the cab company. The Cabonauts is billed as “Hitchhikers Guide meets Flight of the Conchords.” Could be interesting.
  • NBC’s new SF series, Day One, is billed as a post-apocalyptic story of survival. Those of you expecting a Jericho clone may, or may not, be disappointed after seeing this extended trailer which shows a more alien (outer space or no?) reason for the devastation. I’ll watch. [via SciFiCool]
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